Thursday, December 18, 2014

ALCOHOL ADDICTION - Where Is Your Life Headed?

Unfortunately, there are millions of people that have an alcohol addiction, and in other cases addicted to drugs as well. It is so sad to see so many people in the world having these addictions that will in the end ruin their life, and the lives they share, and in other cases, DEATH by self-destruction.

Here are a few things from my own experiences of being addicted to alcohol, and have been tagged as an alcoholic for the rest of my life. I made my bed so I must now lie in it right, BUT I was strong enough to admit that I had an alcohol problem and I did something to change my life.  I stopped drinking alcohol and couldn't happier.

Alcohol addiction, and where your life is headed is something to really think about if you care to live a longer, healthier and happier life.

I thought many times over the many years I drank alcohol that I should really slow down or quit drinking alcohol for good, BUT I didn't have the willpower to just stop drinking and never touch alcohol  again.

I thought, "how can I survive without alcohol in my life. Wouldn't life be boring I thought to myself."  "What would my drinking buddies think if I decided to just stop drinking?"

Well, back in October of 2009 it finally hit me and I thought, "where is my life headed if I continue to drink and ABUSE alcohol?"

1.  I thought long and hard of my past with drinking and abusing alcohol.
2.  I thought of the hurt I put on others by my actions, and things I said to the ones that loved me and          cared for me.
3.  I thought of all the money I was blowing on alcohol when my family needed more important things        such as food.
4.  I thought about all the quality time and family gatherings I missed out on because I wanted to stay          home and drink.
5.  I thought about my health and what my physical appearance started to look like.
6.  I looked in the mirror and said to myself, "I look like crap and not what I used to look like."

Do any of these statements ring a bell to you yet?  I hope so because I think all of us alcoholics have thought about this, and deep down wanted to get sober, but we just didn't have to willpower to stop.

Well, for myself the statements above made my make a change in my life and a HUGE change in my family's life as well.

Any of us can do this, as I did, if you truly want a new life for yourself.  It just takes some Massive Action on your part to make this happen for you.  It won't be easy, BUT anything good in life doesn't come easy and that includes GETTING and STAYING SOBER.

God Bless all of you that are suffering from an addiction. You can do it!!! It is worth trying and trying HARD. You will not be sorry you changed your life, I Promise You!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Are You Afraid Of The Holidays Coming Because Of Your Past Addiction?

Well everyone, the Holidays are right around the corner, and for those like myself, it is tough to watch others drink and have a good time during these upcoming Holidays, or is it?

Are you afraid of the Holidays coming because of your past addiction?  I bet you are, just as I am afraid.  Yes, the temptation is always there, and everywhere you look people are at Holiday parties, in bars, clubs etc. drinking and having a so called a good time, till the next morning right?  That is something I will never miss, those massive hangovers.

Listen everyone, I know it will be hard for all of us that have had a past with battling our addiction of alcohol, and for many others, drugs.  We are battling our addiction every single day, but we all have to be stronger than the addiction that once ran and almost ruined our lives, and the lives of the very ones that loved and cared for us, and hopefully still do.  I hope and pray we all got sober before it was too late.

I have been clean and sober since October 27, 2009 and have gone to many parties, bars and other functions that alcohol was at my hands reach.  In fact, my daughter got married and even though I bought all the alcohol for the reception, I had not one drop, not even a toast, because I know myself, and know if I were to take just that one sip and taste what alcohol feels like back on my tongue, I would be doomed and right back to my drinking and abusing alcohol once more.

I can not do that to myself and ruin all the hard work it took to first off, stop drinking, and secondly, the work it takes to stay sober each and everyday.  It truly isn't worth that one sip or that one drink my friends.  I hope you feel the same way and have the strength and willpower to say NO Thank You, I don't drink anymore.

Be proud of your sobriety, and tell those that may ask you if you want a drink during these Holidays, or any day for that matter, No I stopped drinking, but Thank you anyway, I'll pass on that.  

I love to brag about my sobriety as you should too.  After all, we worked our ass off just to get sober and still working each and everyday just to stay sober. 

Don't be afraid of the upcoming Holidays.  Just sit back and enjoy yourself SOBER.  You will thank yourself for not drinking, or even having that temptation.  It is not worth it, for that one more and probably many more buzzes ahead if you are too weak and break.  Be strong and proud of your sobriety.  Your body will indeed thank you too.

I have learned since I have been sober, I have more fun at parties and functions that alcohol is being served than I ever did when I depended on alcohol to make me think WOW I had a blast at the party last night, etc. IT IS FAKE FUN REALLY.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Why Alcoholics Are Afraid Of Sobriety

For all those people out there in the world that loved to drink and abuse alcohol, something has happen to many of them, and that is, they couldn't live one day without alcohol.  They turned into an alcoholic and they ask themselves "why alcoholics are afraid of sobriety?"

There are millions of people in the world that are suffering with this addiction to alcohol and they are afraid to change their lives and live their life clean and sober.

It is truly hard to stop drinking alcohol.  I know this because I was one of those alcoholics that never wanted to change my life for the simple reason, I depended on alcohol as part of my everyday life.

I was afraid of sobriety as many alcoholic are.  We are so used to having alcohol each and everyday and hesitate to change because we don't know what we will feel like without alcohol on our lives, so we continue to drink and abuse alcohol.

The more we drink, the more we want and need to get to that buzz we had the last time.  It takes more and more to get to that point of feeling good, buzzed or just plastered drunk.

It truly is a sad thing, because each day we drink and abuse alcohol we are missing out on one more precious sober day.

For myself, I loved to drink just as much as the next person.  I couldn't go one day without drinking and getting to that point of feeling buzzed or drunk.  Many of us are functioning alcoholics, as I was and I am not ashamed to say so.  I messed up my life and the people that shared my life.  I takes a strong person to say, " I have had enough and I want my sobriety back into my life."

Sometimes it takes many years to realize that a change has to be made as it took many years for me to do so, but I finally did it and couldn't be happier today.  I never knew what a day, week or month felt like being sober.  In fact, now as I write this I have been sober for over 5 years and I continue to write about alcohol addiction in hope to help someone out in the world that is suffering from the addiction I had.

So you ask, "why alcoholics are afraid of sobriety?"  The answer I can come up with is through my experiences with drinking and abusing alcohol.
1. We are so used to having alcohol in our bodies each and everyday.
2. We are afraid of being without alcohol even for one day, for the fear of how we will feel without it.
3. Many alcoholics are afraid of what their drinking buddies will think of them if they become clean and sober and decide to change their life around.
4. Many alcoholics are of getting sick with the DT's if they stop drinking alcohol.  (In that case those people should seek a Rehab. Center to detox in a safe manner with the proper medical help.)

Don't be afraid to change your life for the better, because in the long run, you will thank yourself for making that change.  REMEMBER: Everyone of us are here on Earth just one time, so why would we want to live our one and only life drunk, and miss out on the precious things life has to offer, and that includes having quality time with our loved one, such as your Parents, Spouses, Children and in many cases Grandchildren. 

Saturday, December 6, 2014

How Families Suffer With An Alcoholic In The Family

No one really knows how families suffer with an alcoholic in the family, unless you have been there yourself.

As many of you know from my past post and my writing on various other sites, I was and still am an alcoholic.  The name of alcoholic will be with me till the end of time, but you know what, I am good with that.

October of this year, 2014 I have been clean and sober with not. a drop to drink.  Since my sobriety I now realize what I had put my family through while I was drinking and abusing alcohol.  I feel horrible now, but I made good for all the years I was addicted to the poison that almost ruined my life and my marriage.

I can not stress enough with my post and articles I write, that alcohol ruins and kills.  It may take some time, but it will happen sooner or later, sad to say.

Granted, I loved to drink alcohol and loved the feeling that alcohol gave me, but as many years went by I began to realize that this addiction to alcohol I have is getting me nowhere except on a downward spin into hell.

If you or someone you know are addicted to alcohol, sit back and look around you and see how your addiction is making your family suffer.  You have the addiction, but your family and dear friends are suffering right along with you, and in fact, possibly suffering more than you even will know. The are crying inside to try and figure out what to say to you to make you realize that you are killing yourself, slow but sure.

The families want to help, but so many times the alcoholic refuses to listen, nit even one bit.  The family members are wrong, and the alcoholic lives in denial. This is what I felt and thought all through the years of abusing alcohol.

Please try and and help yourself start a new life, and a new life for those that love and care so much about you.

Look into your future and see where your life will be if you continue to drink and abuse alcohol as you are right now.  I can guarantee your future will look very bad.  So, in that case, do something about your life and make that change by stopping drinking, and I will promise, your life and those lives around you will look brighter and brighter each day you are sober.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Fighting For Your Life In Recovery

When someone has been addicted to alcohol or drugs for most of their lives there comes a time that many will say, "enough is enough".  This was my life while drinking and abusing alcohol for many years.

I started drinking alcohol at the age of nineteen because of something that came into my life that I felt I couldn't handle being sober, so I took up drinking thinking this would be the fix all of my problems, and was I ever wrong.

Nothing got fix, in fact with drinking and abusing this drug over the years I depended on alcohol each and everyday as a result.  As the years went by I realized, "I am an alcoholic!" I thought that just drinking to feel good would wind up me being an alcoholic in the future.

There was one thing though.  I knew deep down inside that I was addicted to alcohol, but I just never wanted to admit to others, and I in turn I really lived in denial.  I told myself, and other I could stop drinking alcohol anytime I wanted, but I knew for a fact that this addiction to alcohol got the best of me and it showed according to others that knew me, including my wife and children.

Fighting for your life in Recovery would be the next thing I would have to do, once I finally got out of the denial I lived in for so long, and decided to get and stay sober.

As you all might know, especially those alcoholics out there that are reading this, it is not a easy thing to say goodbye to the one thing you love and depend on each and everyday.

If I wanted to save my family, and in the long run, save my own life, I would have to surrender to the demons that had control of my life and the lives of my family.

On the night of October 26, 2009 I finally made up my mind to surrender once and for all to the demons of alcohol.  I sat in the garage as I usually did all alone ready to open my first of many beers for that night and all of a sudden a voice came in to my head.  That voice was the voice of God,

Many of you may not believe it, and then some of you just might.  I wrote a hub on this experience of the night of October 26th and it is titled "A Life Changing Whisper."

That was the night that changed my life.  To be able to hear the words of God in my head.  I sat with a beer in my hand not even opened yet.  I sat and listened to the words spoken to me and to tell you truth those words frightened me to death, because I knew right then that I MUST do something to change my life right that moment.

I put the beer down, that I never opened, and said to myself, "tomorrow October 27, 2009 will be the change in my life, and I will never ever pick up a alcoholic drink for the rest of my life."

October 27th is only day away as I write this and it will be 5 years clean and sober for me.  This is something I never thought I could ever do.  I thought all those years that I drank, why stop drinking now, the damage is already done with all the years I drank and abused alcohol, so why bother now was my words for many years."  I was wrong in that statement I said to myself.

So ever since that day in October of 2009 my life has changed in so many ways, but believe me it was not easy to say goodbye to my addiction, BUT I did it and so can you!

Remember, each and everyone of us only have one life to live, so why would we destroy it with an avoidable addiction to either alcohol or drugs?

I truly can't believe in a few days I will be clean and sober for 5 years! My sobriety not only changed my life, but I have changed the lives of my wife, children, families members and dear friends, and I am not talking about the so called friends I drank with because they are all out of my life ever since I stopped drinking alcohol, for we now have nothing in common.  Sad to say, But very true.

So just remember, you need to fight for your life while in recovery, because everyday there may be some type of temptation or urge to drink again.  I (we) will always be alcoholics no matter how you look at it, but we all must be stronger than the demons that once ran our lives, and other lives that we were so close to.

Be strong each and everyday of you new life. Stay clean and sober and try to help others as I do to make them understand that there is HOPE for every alcoholic and drug addict. 

If you get sober and just happen to relapse, get back up and try again until you get it right. Anything is possible in life if you truly want it bad enough and that includes a life of  long term sobriety!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

My Zazzle Store Is Starting to Earn Money

Hello everyone!  This post is much different than any of the posts I write here on The Clean Life Blog.  I am excited that my Zazzle Store is starting to Earn money.  To tell you the truth I forgot that I even had a store such as

I made up the store over a year ago and designed a few Tee shirts, hats and a couple other items.  The other day I went to my Gmail and there was a email from so I clicked the link and it took me to my earning and what had been sold.

I was very surprised because as I said I forgot I even sign up in Zazzle to design item to sell in my own store called THECLEANLIFE.

I sold 4 shirts that read, "LIVING LIFE SOBER".  I was happy to see the royalty money I earned for just those 4 shirts, so I logged in and started to design more items like a made man and then sold a Long Beach Island Throw Pillow.  Zazzle is really a great site to earn money if you have a good imagination and the Knack to design different one of a kind item.

I am still trying to navigate through the site because for some reason this link does not show all 71 item I have designed.  It only shows 12 items for sale, but I will place the link right here for you to check out what I have so far, and until I get the site running right.

Thanks for reading and let me know what you think of the site so far.  There will be lots more items coming soon.  If you have any suggestions of an item you think you would like just let me know and I'll try my hardest to make it up for you.

Thank you!
Mark (The Clean Life)

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Never Lose Hope On A Life Of Sobriety

Many people that have an addiction to alcohol want in the worse way to be sober, but their addiction is holding them back from getting and staying sober. Many times the alcoholic is simply not ready for sobriety to be back in their life.  I was one of them. For many years I tried to get and stay sober with no success.

I did get sober twice in the years I drank.  The first time sobriety lasted for about a year and the second time I tried to stay sober lasted only two years until I went back to my old ways of drinking and abusing alcohol.

The reason for these two failures of trying to stay sober was that I simply wasn't ready to stop drinking and live a life with long term sobriety, BUT I never gave up hope on myself.  I knew sooner or later I would finally admit that something had to be done with my life and live with long term sobriety.

You can never lose hope on a life of sobriety.  The road to recovery is tough when you have an addiction to alcohol or any drugs for that matter, but if you continue to keep hope alive you will achieve that life you wished for.

If you truly want to change your life, and know that you indeed need to change your life, than anything is possible in life, and that includes long term sobriety.

Like I said earlier, it took me three times to get and stay sober, but I never gave up hope that one day I would finally surrender to the one thing that was running and ruining my life, and that was my addiction to alcohol.  The third time was the charm for me and I thank God each and everyday for giving me the hope, the willingness and the strength to get sober and stay sober.

You truly need to love and believe in yourself in order to have a wonderful life of sobriety.  You also need to get out of that negative mood you are in because of your addiction.  For myself, I was a very negative person and always wondered why nothing would ever work out the way I wanted it to.  Once I became sober and changed my attitude in life to nothing but positive, everything I wanted and dreamed of started to become a reality for me.

As hard as it was to finally make that life change and become sober, it was worth every bit of hard work, and my life shows it now.  I am a much happier person.  I continue to keep a positive attitude even when times are tough, and I never once reached for an alcoholic drink just because things were a little rough.

If you never give up hope, your life will indeed change as mine did.  Sometimes it may take longer than you wanted it to take, but if you continue to try your very hardest to change your life, it will happen.  Like I said before, it took three tries before I nailed sobriety and got rid of the demons that were in my life for so many years.  Three is a charm so they say!

So my advice to all those that are suffering from an addiction to drugs or alcohol is to NEVER give up hope on yourself.  Your life is so precious, and all of us were put on this Earth for a reason.  All of us should enjoy the life we were given and not destroy your one and only life with an addiction.

Lets everyone try our very hardest to make that change, and take Massive Action in order to make that change.  Some of us may have to stay distant from our friends that we drank with in order to keep that temptation and urge to drink again from coming over us.  As for myself, I did just that, and in the long run I lost many friends because now we had nothing in common such as drinking and getting drunk with each other.

It seemed like they all ran away because my life was now much different than their life was. I was sober and they still had their demons running their lives. I never preached to them about sobriety, although they saw that I was a new man because of my sobriety.  My hope is for one day they see the light as I did back in 2009.


  • Even though I had lost many friends because of my sobriety, I gained many new sober friends in the end. Great sober friends are really awesome.  To be able to speak a conversation with out blurring your words, and to not get in any drunken fights because the alcohol is altering your thinking and acting is a wonderful thing.
  • Back when I drank and abused alcohol my relationship with my wife and children started to decline, although we still loved each other very much, it still wasn't the same when I drank.  Today, now being sober the relationship with my wife and children are unbelievable.  It is so amazing how being sober and happy can change so many lives that are in your life.  People now are excited to be in my company and I get along with each and everyone of them.  No one wants to be around a drunk person unless that person is also drunk. Misery loves company so they say, and believe me I was very miserable when I drank.
  • When I had a couple of drinks there were many people that stood and talked to me at parties or other occasions, BUT after those couple of drinks as I continue on my way to getting drunk I started to feel the effects of the alcohol and then people would shy away from me because they knew what the future hours would bring as far as my continuing to drink. Now being sober I still go to those parties and occasions, but without a drink in my hand and still have those conversations that last the complete night without anyone walking away because of me getting too drunk. Sober conversations are always the best believe me.
  • I truly believe, and I hope that I am a service to many people that read my articles here on my blog and on so many other websites.  I write just about everyday regarding alcohol addiction and ways that I have found that helped me get and stay sober since October of 2009. Writing has been my life since 2009 when I got sober.  Each article I write gives me more hope knowing that maybe one of these articles will touch someones life and will help them to understand that having an addiction of any sort is not the end of their life.  Never give up hope on your new life.  All of you that have an addiction have the chance to make that life change.  The only thing you have to do is to want your life back no matter what it takes to get it back.
  • Writing about my alcohol addiction experience indeed helps me to stay sober each day.  Some may wonder how writing keeps me sober and my answer is... as I write, I think about the way my life was years ago when I abused alcohol, and then I think as I write, how many people I maybe helping that have been suffering with their addiction as I was for so many years.  It brings me great joy and happiness to know I may help someone in the world, even if it is only one person. 
I pray for all those that are suffering with an addiction, and hope everyone can get clean and sober and live that one and only life they have with happiness, contentment, love and sobriety.