Monday, October 20, 2014

Sober Living After A Long Battle With Alcohol Addiction

Sober Living Is Wonderful
When you are an alcoholic you wonder whether or not you will ever be
sober again. Sober living after a long battle with alcohol addiction is the
best thing in the world.
When you and I were addicted to alcohol for all those years we
thought sobriety would never be in our lives again, but for me, I was
wrong, and I mean dead wrong. I pray the results are the same for
those who are reading this and now living a life of sobriety after
being addicted to alcohol for many years.
I never knew, or should I say never thought sobriety was in my
cards all the while I was drinking and abusing alcohol. In fact, I
never even wanted sobriety because drinking and getting that
high that alcohol gave me was my life. I never thought I could
 live without alcohol in my life.
Alcohol was a huge part of my life, and unfortunately a huge part
of my families life that they didn't even want. They inherited my
addiction by no choice of their own.
It Took A Long Time To Finally Surrender
For myself, it took a long time to finally surrender to my demons.
 I am sure the same goes for all those that were struggling with
an addiction and finally surrendered.
It is not a easy thing to do, to say the least. When alcohol has been
a huge part of your life for so many years, it is very difficult to say
you have had enough and leave your addiction behind.
Many of us wonder, including myself, if we can really stick with our
 decision to stop drinking for good and never go back. What went
through my mind was, can I really do this or am I just fooling myself?
Do I have the willingness to get and stay sober for the rest of my life?
Do I have enough positive thoughts that I can and will do this?
All I can say to all those that are suffering with an addiction is that
you can never give up hope. You have to in your heart be willing to
stop drinking or using for the rest of your life, as I did.  If you are not
willing to do so, then sobriety will never work, sad to say.
All the people and Rehab.Centers in the world will not be able to help
you if YOU are not ready to change your life, and live it sober forever!
I thought I would never be able to live a sober life, but the willingness
and desire to change my life and by having a Positive attitude towards
what I was about to do made everything possible.
I did it and so can you my friends!  Always remember, everyone of
us on Earth only have, but one life to live, so please live that one and
only life sober and enjoy and cherish your life, and all those lives that
you share with, such as your spouses, children, parents and all those
dear friends you have.
Remember, your addiction does not only effect you, but every 
person in your life that loves and cares for you!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Fighting For Your Life In Recovery

When someone has been addicted to alcohol or drugs for most of their lives there comes a time that many will say, "enough is enough".  This was my life while drinking and abusing alcohol for many years.

I started drinking alcohol at the age of nineteen because of something that came into my life that I felt I couldn't handle being sober, so I took up drinking thinking this would be the fix all of my problems, and was I ever wrong.

Nothing got fix, in fact with drinking and abusing this drug over the years I depended on alcohol each and everyday as a result.  As the years went by I realized, "I am an alcoholic!" I thought that just drinking to feel good would wind up me being an alcoholic in the future.

There was one thing though.  I knew deep down inside that I was addicted to alcohol, but I just never wanted to admit to others, and I in turn I really lived in denial.  I told myself, and other I could stop drinking alcohol anytime I wanted, but I knew for a fact that this addiction to alcohol got the best of me and it showed according to others that knew me, including my wife and children.

Fighting for your life in Recovery would be the next thing I would have to do, once I finally got out of the denial I lived in for so long, and decided to get and stay sober.

As you all might know, especially those alcoholics out there that are reading this, it is not a easy thing to say goodbye to the one thing you love and depend on each and everyday.

If I wanted to save my family, and in the long run, save my own life, I would have to surrender to the demons that had control of my life and the lives of my family.

On the night of October 26, 2009 I finally made up my mind to surrender once and for all to the demons of alcohol.  I sat in the garage as I usually did all alone ready to open my first of many beers for that night and all of a sudden a voice came in to my head.  That voice was the voice of God,

Many of you may not believe it, and then some of you just might.  I wrote a hub on this experience of the night of October 26th and it is titled "A Life Changing Whisper."

That was the night that changed my life.  To be able to hear the words of God in my head.  I sat with a beer in my hand not even opened yet.  I sat and listened to the words spoken to me and to tell you truth those words frightened me to death, because I knew right then that I MUST do something to change my life right that moment.

I put the beer down, that I never opened, and said to myself, "tomorrow October 27, 2009 will be the change in my life, and I will never ever pick up a alcoholic drink for the rest of my life."

October 27th is only day away as I write this and it will be 5 years clean and sober for me.  This is something I never thought I could ever do.  I thought all those years that I drank, why stop drinking now, the damage is already done with all the years I drank and abused alcohol, so why bother now was my words for many years."  I was wrong in that statement I said to myself.

So ever since that day in October of 2009 my life has changed in so many ways, but believe me it was not easy to say goodbye to my addiction, BUT I did it and so can you!

Remember, each and everyone of us only have one life to live, so why would we destroy it with an avoidable addiction to either alcohol or drugs?

I truly can't believe in a few days I will be clean and sober for 5 years! My sobriety not only changed my life, but I have changed the lives of my wife, children, families members and dear friends, and I am not talking about the so called friends I drank with because they are all out of my life ever since I stopped drinking alcohol, for we now have nothing in common.  Sad to say, But very true.

So just remember, you need to fight for your life while in recovery, because everyday there may be some type of temptation or urge to drink again.  I (we) will always be alcoholics no matter how you look at it, but we all must be stronger than the demons that once ran our lives, and other lives that we were so close to.

Be strong each and everyday of you new life. Stay clean and sober and try to help others as I do to make them understand that there is HOPE for every alcoholic and drug addict. 

If you get sober and just happen to relapse, get back up and try again until you get it right. Anything is possible in life if you truly want it bad enough and that includes a life of  long term sobriety!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

My Zazzle Store Is Starting to Earn Money

Hello everyone!  This post is much different than any of the posts I write here on The Clean Life Blog.  I am excited that my Zazzle Store is starting to Earn money.  To tell you the truth I forgot that I even had a store such as

I made up the store over a year ago and designed a few Tee shirts, hats and a couple other items.  The other day I went to my Gmail and there was a email from so I clicked the link and it took me to my earning and what had been sold.

I was very surprised because as I said I forgot I even sign up in Zazzle to design item to sell in my own store called THECLEANLIFE.

I sold 4 shirts that read, "LIVING LIFE SOBER".  I was happy to see the royalty money I earned for just those 4 shirts, so I logged in and started to design more items like a made man and then sold a Long Beach Island Throw Pillow.  Zazzle is really a great site to earn money if you have a good imagination and the Knack to design different one of a kind item.

I am still trying to navigate through the site because for some reason this link does not show all 71 item I have designed.  It only shows 12 items for sale, but I will place the link right here for you to check out what I have so far, and until I get the site running right.

Thanks for reading and let me know what you think of the site so far.  There will be lots more items coming soon.  If you have any suggestions of an item you think you would like just let me know and I'll try my hardest to make it up for you.

Thank you!
Mark (The Clean Life)

Monday, May 5, 2014

How to Get Out of Living in Denial

Many people in our world that have an addiction, such as drugs or
alcohol think they are doing nothing wrong. They think everyone that
calls them on their addiction and the life they are leading are
completely wrong, and that those people don't know what they are
talking about.

Here is my opinion, and my experiences on how to get out of living in
denial. Many years of my life I drank and abused alcohol, and for
myself and every other addict or alcoholic thinks we don't have any
problem whatsoever with what we do in our life.

These people just don't want to hear or accept what anyone tells them
regarding their horrible habit and addiction. We really think we are
not addicted, at least I thought that way. I lived in denial for so
many years that alcohol became a huge part of my life, and the sad
part is, it became a huge part of everyone else that I shared my life
with, such as my parents, wife and children.

Here are some of the things I thought about the night I decided to
finally surrender to my alcohol demons. Hopefully what I am about to
say here will ring a bell to many alcoholics and drug addicts, and
make them really think and realize that they too are living life in
denial.I thought to myself, 

"I am killing myself slowly, and destroying my
family along the way.
Do I love alcohol more than my own life and my family?
Everyone can't be wrong by telling me I have a problem with drinking.How do they see this and I don't?

I looked at myself in the mirror and was totally disgusted with the
person looking back at me.My physical appearance went to crap, and I lost all the looks I once had.

My weight gain was horrible from all the drinking.
I was depressed all the time.
I thought nothing but negative things.
I wasn't happy unless I had a drink in my hand.
I thought, there is not one thing positive about drinking and abusing alcohol.

So, these were the things that went through my mind as I was ready to
make the biggest decision of my life, and that was, "should I continue
to drink alcohol, or should I get out of denial and get clean and
sober once and for all?"

As everyone knows that has an addiction of any sort, surrendering to
that addiction is the hardest thing to do. When alcohol or any
addiction has become a huge part of your life, it is very hard to say

Once you make up your mind to surrender, get out of the denial you
have been living in, and admitting you do have a problem, sobriety
will come, I promise. Once I admitted I did have a problem with
alcohol and wanted to change my life and make my family happy once
more, accepting the new life I was about to be living was much easier.

Many people that have an addiction think in their minds that sobriety
is not possible for them, and I was one of those people, but believe
me, there is always hope if you truly want to change your life for the

Just think hard about what you are doing to yourself and all those
people that love and care for you. That alone should get you out of
denial and want to have sobriety back into your life.


When you have been sober for days, then weeks, months and then years,
you will look back at your past and thank yourself that you made the
right decision to surrender to the one thing that might of killed you
in the end.